About the IMG Taskforce

The International Medical Graduate (IMG) Taskforce is comprised of professionals in law who are dedicated to helping Americans in rural and other physician-shortage areas to obtain the basic medical services they so desperately need and deserve.

Among other goals, we strive to educate national and state policy makers, administrative officials, and the American public on the need for fair and reasonable laws for allowing international medical graduates to become licensed as physicians and to begin or continue their medical careers in the United States. We work on behalf of universities, teaching hospitals, medical centers, and clinics of all sizes, and on behalf of international medical graduates seeking necessary authorizations.

Given the inherent complexities and constant shifting of underlying laws and policies, we also collegially support each other. Ultimately, we share a deep desire to ensure that Americans in underserved areas and underserved populations of the United States receive adequate health care services. If you share our vision, please join us.